Magical Minifigures

Magical Minifigures was first created on Instagram in 2016 as a way for me to share my LEGO photos with other AFOLs and improve my photography skills. I attempted a LEGO 365 in my first year, taking a photo every single day with my beloved minifigures. Within 3 months I had over 1000 followers and had learnt so much through trial and error, and talking with other photographers.

After 6 months I, unfortunately,Β had to end my LEGO 365 but I was so happy with what I had created in that time and how I felt I had improved! So in 2018, I decided that I wanted to create the Magical Minifigures blog, to share what I had learnt and help newbieΒ LEGO photographers get started without the hassle of figuring it all out on their own.

How It All Started

I have had a love of LEGO ever since I was a little girl, but my passion was renewed when I dedicated my A-level photography exam to recreating real life scenes using LEGO Minifigures. I was so excited to learn that I could use two things I love to create fun and imaginative photos that everyone couldΒ enjoy.

I have a small (but constantly growing) collection of Minifigures, mainly consisting of Disney and Harry Potter. LEGO needs to make another Disney Minifigure series like NOW!! Seriously they are amazing!

I like to create my photos in a verity of ways, such as using Photoshop, real life scenes and making my own. I get inspiration from looking at other LEGO photographer’s work, movies or tv shows that my characters have been in, and anything funny that occurs to me in the moment. I just want to make fun and magical photos to put a smile on peoples faces!

Get To Know Me

My name is Danielle and I live in the south of England with my partner and fur babies, Lupin 🐱 and Dudley 🐢. I spend a lot of my spare playing with the “kids”, planning and taking LEGO photos, and watching Disney films.

As you may have guessed, as well as LEGO I am also a huge Disney and Harry Potter fan and have visited many of the theme parks and attractions across the world. My next magical trip is to Disneyland Paris in November, and I am also planning to visit Calfornia in 2019!

I just think, being a grown up is hard. So I want to try and hold on to those childhood fantasies for as long as I can, to make life just that little bit more fun and wonderous like it once was.